Videocond2h SD set top box & Platinum

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Platinum Pack
428 Channels
₹ 2120
₹ 4370
₹ 6620


Videocond2h SD  set top box and Platinum pack.
South Platinum plan includes 428 SD Channels & services,monthly subscription is 500/-

The product includes :

1.     Dish Antenna 

2.     Set Top Box

3.     Remote

4.     Installation+ Activation +10 mtrs cable.

5.    free subscription

6.    1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

7.    The monthly rental for a multi tv connection with a Platinum Pack SD is 200/-



Packages & prices Subject to change without any prior notice.

Total channel count includes channels with multiple audio feeds

Channels Cartoon Network, Sonic, Zee Q, Nick Jr.-Teen Nick and Nickelodeon being currently offered by us on complimentary and promotional basis


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Videocond2h SD set top box & Platinum:
Platinum Pack:

Rs. ₹2,120

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