Tata Sky UHD 4K set top box & Dhammal mix pack

Subscription Free + 2 Free Regional Packs
South India
Dhamaal Mix
156 Channels
₹ 6485
₹ 10285
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Tata Sky's

Tata Sky UHD 4K set top box and Dhamaal mix pack 150 SD, 26 HD Channels and Monthly subscription is 270/-

To view HD channels that are part of your package, you need to pay an HD Access Fee. Charges are as below.
Per Month         : Rs.175/-
For 06 Months   : Rs.990/-
Per Annum        : Rs. 2100/- waived off  for 12 months+ subscription.

The product includes :

1.     Dish Antenna 
2.     Set Top Box
3.     Remote
4.     Installation+ Activation +10 mtrs cable.
5.    free subscription
6.    2  free regional packs 
7.    1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


*Includes interactive services and free regional packs (as applicable). Please note there is no free regional pack or interactive services available with My 99 pack.

 ^All HD channels are available as MPEG4. HD Channels subscribed to as a part of base pack, add on or A la carte can be viewed only upon payment of the HD Access Fee.

 **The following channels are available only for MPEG4 boxes

 #This service is only available for subscribers with a Tata Sky UHD 4K box/connection. Temporarily suspended.


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Tata Sky UHD 4K set top box & Dhammal mix pack :
Dhamaal Mix:

Rs. ₹6,485

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