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Dish Tv SD+ Set Top Box with Recorder - New South Titanium

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Free - 1 Month New South Titanium
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New South Titanium
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Dish Tv SD+ Set Top Box with Recorder - New South Titanium

Lifelike Hi-Definition Clarity with Immersive 5X Better picture quality, Dish TV comes with a lifetime warranty which revolutionizes every aspect of your TV viewing experience like never before with more exciting benefits and offers. Recorder facility allows you to save all your TV shows be it live or transmitted so that you can view it anytime else. Now, who doesn’t like to store their favorite match or movie! New South Titanium pack gives you the best of entertainment when it comes to choosing from South India channels, making sure that you get the best of the South Indian television viewing experience. Get to choose to form a wide Range of channels from the South Titanium Pack

Dish TV SD  set top box and New South Titanium Pack includes 352 + Channels & services,monthly subscription is 535/-per month after free viewing Period.No need to pay extra for Recording.

The product includes :

1.     Dish Antenna 

2.     Set Top Box

3.     Remote

4.     Installation+ Activation +10 mtrs cable.

5.     free subscription

6.    1  free regional packs 

7.     1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


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Step 1:

 Customer make online payments towards the cost of the set top box of his/her choice  

Step 2:

Customer will get a payments confirmation invoice by email and message

Step 3:

Order will be booked as per the address and phone number given by the customer while making the payment

Step 4:

Customer will receive an SMS to the registered phone Num along with customer id and work order number. This mobile number will be registered with the respective carrier

Step 5:

Customer will get the conformation call from the installation team to book an appointment as per your available time lines

Step 6:

Respective carrier installation team will provide you the installation

Step 7:

Customer can contact bookmydth or respective carrier call center anytime.


Key notes:

 10 mites cable will be provided for free.

Remote, Antena, Singnal booster and other required material will be given.

If customer consumers more than 10 meters cable money will be changed based on the usage! You can directly pay the money to the installation team and it will be deducted from your recharge money!  


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Dish Tv SD+ Set Top Box with Recorder - New South Titanium
Rs. ₹1,649
New South Titanium

Rs. ₹1,649

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