Tata Sky HD set top box & Dhammal mix pack

Subscription + 2 Regional Packs
Rest of India
Dhamaal Mix
156 Channels
₹ 1800
₹ 5349
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Tatasky HD Set Top with Dhamal Mix Pack offers 156 SD channels & services, 34 HD Channels and the monthly subscription is Rs.270/- 

To view HD channels that are part of your package, 

Per Month : Rs 95/- (Includes HD channels available in Dhammal Mix Pack)

Per Month : Rs.175/- (Full on HD top-up - Applicable for Add On HD channels too with Subscribed Base Pack)

The Above price includes :

1.     Dish Antenna

2.     Set Top Box

3.     Remote

4.     Includes Installation+ Activation +10 mtrs cable.

5.     free subscription

6.     Includes Shipping charges

7.     1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


*Includes interactive services and free regional packs (as applicable). Please note there is no free regional pack or interactive services available with My 99 pack.

 ^All HD channels are available as MPEG4. HD Channels subscribed to as a part of base pack, add on or A la carte can be viewed only upon payment of the HD Access Fee.

 **The following channels are available only for MPEG4 boxes

 #This service is only available for subscribers with a Tata Sky UHD 4K box/connection. Temporarily suspended.


17 reviews
Best Service from Book My DTH, i purchased my box at 11:00 AM today and Installation done by 02:00 PM with all the Packs, really love the experience.
17 reviews
I want to 3 set top box combo tell me they looest prise & lowest monthly pack
17 reviews
Worst dont go for BookMyDTH this guys are cheaters they promised me for 1st month HD package and now after installation this ppl are telling that we never told. GO ON OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR PURCHASE DONT TRUST THEM
17 reviews
I bought tata sky combo pack with hd subscription for 1 year. Installation was very quick. I bought this package in 4350. Now after installation my tata sky account is showing -950 rs. I have called customer support many time but i have not received any specific reason and they told they will call me back but i have not received any call back. This support is pathetic.
17 reviews
Before payment they will talk very attractive once payment done they are not responding . Worst service.

order summary
Tata Sky HD set top box & Dhammal mix pack:
Dhamaal Mix:

Rs. ₹1,800

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