About Us

Who are we actually:  3 guys, beer and cricket! Sounds like an ideal weekend plan, doesn't it. But then you switch on the TV to realize that the channel showing the LIVE match isn't a part of your DTH package! The same thing happened to us time and again, 'coz who checks the channel menu evryday? We have Internet, but we also have the idiot box. With the advent of smart TV's we have forgotten that even without Internet, we can have fun! Plain , old school TV viewing has to return!

Thus was born BookmyDTH. Hassle free DTH booking, tailored for your requirements. Transparent packages and regular updates, make sure that you never get bored of your TV again! You just get the popcorn ready, leave the rest to us!

Our Team :

We are a team of 3, the unusually serious 'Developer', the fun 'Manager' and the strict ‘MD’.

Sanjay - Managing Director: Sanjay brings with himself years of experience in the field of ‘Retail and Manufacture’. He had no interest in the 9 to 5 job but wants to make it big as an Entrepreneur! He is the live wire and probably called as Hitler of the team. Extremely good vision and execution skills are unique qualities of him.


Pala - Director Technology and Innovation: Pala is the only female in the team, but technologically she is the best! Before people even start talking about a prototype, her mind is already completed half of it! Ahh she is a great dancer, singer, artist, painter and a serious DEVELOPER. She always says, I don’t like even a single bug in my product and users should feel good about work present in front of them.


Hari - Director Operations and Sales: Hari is equipped with amazing wit and convincing skills! With over 10 years of experience of working in Sales, Hari heads the Operations and Sales Dept of BookmyDTH. He is our die hard bargainer. His famous quote – “Every penny saved by negotiating will make my organization a penny richer.”

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